Bōsm founder Raea Campbell took devastating news and transformed it into a positive opportunity to share light and well-being with the world. Her mother's experience of breast cancer inspired Raea to dive deep into ancient healing wisdom and new scientific research in search of the best possible tools to reverse and prevent breast disease. What she emerged with was a new appreciation for breast health and a deeply held passion for self-care. 
Shortly after her mom recovered from breast cancer, Raea founded Bōsm Wellness, to inspire women to care for their breasts and empower them with education on a healthy breast lifestyle. 
“Breast health is very personal to me. Having faced my own breast wellness concerns and supported my mother and many women on their healing paths, I understand how challenging it can be to find inspiring, uplifting and reliable information about breast health. I did not want to create a brand that only sold a breast massage oil. I wanted to start a revolution of wellbeing all over the world. Bōsm Wellness represents all the breasts of the world and their right to safe and supportive conditions no matter what challenges they are facing. .” — Raea Campbell