Bōsm Breast Serum for Mastectomy Recovery

It is a wonderful practice of self embracement to take the time to reconnect in a positive way with the bosom, or chest area, after the challenging journey of breast cancer. 

The healing process is multi-layered and there is undeniably an emotional layer. A self love ritual of taking care of the bosom and chest area, paying special attention to any scarring or pain, and doing self care practices to support the body after cancer can ease the difficult situation. 

A beautiful way to recover after surgery is to do mirror work. Mirror work is an activity that encourages self love and self acceptance. I first learned about mirror work from Louise Hay after reading her book; You Can Heal Your Life. All you need to do is sit in front a a mirror, look into the reflection of your own eyes, and repeat out loud the mantra; "I am worthy of being loved because I exist. I love myself." You can also use any positive self love statement that you want.  It is comforting to feel the security of this moment of self embracement. It also sends the message to your body that you love it and are here to take care of it.

Speaking of taking care of your body, gentle breast massage is a fantastic post-treatment practice after the trauma of radiation and mastectomy once the area is fully healed up. This is not a deep tissue massage, but a very gentle and light stroking method using the just the fingertips in strokes or circle motions to nurture the tender tissue with love. Bōsm Breast Serum in combination with massage is also a wonderful way support the recovering breast tissue remediation.

Bōsm Breast Serum is a rich blend of castor oil, sesame oil and vitamin E oil which are all traditionally used to radically reduce the appearance of scars. Castor oil is a very effective treatment to stimulate lymphatic flow and detoxify an area of the body. Holistic practitioners have used castor oil packs to detoxify the liver and it can be used in the same way to detoxify any area of the body it is applied to. There is also significant data showing that it reduces pain and inflammation, which is very beneficial for the chest area after surgery. Castor oil also helps to reduce the risk of lymphedema. 

Lymphedema is a sometimes painful condition caused by the removal or damage of lymph nodes during breast cancer treatment. Lymphedema results in uncomfortable swelling in the legs and arms. 

There are several ways for breast cancer survivors to find relief from lymphedema, and lymphatic massage is one of them!

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that promotes the healthy movement of lymphatic fluids throughout the body. This healing procedure can provide great relief to anyone experiencing the discomfort of lymphedema.

There are trained professionals who can administer lymphatic massage or CDT (Complete Decongestion Therapy), giving yourself a breast massage can be a low-cost, do-it-yourself method. This simple technique can provide relief from lymphedema, and encourage circulation and boosted immunity after cancer treatment.

Doing a very simple self massage by gently stroking the skin of the chest and underarm can restore circulation and also stimulate lymphatic flow to the disrupted area. It also will release a healthy dose of oxytocin which is a hero hormone in the body who restores the "Rest and Digest" mode which is disrupted during times of extreme chronic stress like cancer. Chronic stress releases cortisol into the body which suppress the "rest and digest" mode and activates the "flight or flight" mode. Fight or flight mode disrupts normal immune function and therefore disables the healing process. Massage actually activates oxytocin which puts a stop to that and sends a positive signal through the body that everything is gong to be ok. This is just what the bosom needs after the often times severe effects of treatment.

Bōsm Wellness is here to support you post-treatment!  We know that loving your bosom can be hard. We want to encourage you to embrace yourself and your healing power as soon as you feel ready! 

By taking care of our body with loving practices, we tell ourselves we’re worthy of the same care. 


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