Raea first became aware of breast health when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer over 10 years ago. Raea provided support to her mother as a care giver, researcher and cheerleader. After extensive research on breast cancer, Raea became focused on the importance of breast health. This led to becoming a Certified Breast Thermography Technician and Healthy Breast Educator. After interning for two years, Raea founded Safe Breast Scan, a thermography center in Mendocino County, providing radiation-free breast screenings and support to many women on their personal breast health journeys. 

All of these experiences led her to a personal awareness that a healthy breast lifestyle can be a powerful addition to preventative self care. Wanting to share this information far and wide she then founded Bōsm Wellness, a breast health brand offering education and inspiration about breast wellness, self care tools and preventative self care techniques. Bōsm Wellness offers women an alternative message that focuses on natural wellness and self care to normalize preventative breast care. 

Raea currently works at her thermography clinic and on-line to reach people far and wide with the message that breasts can and do heal. 

She offers breast health related empowerment presentations and is bookable for inspirational and informational talks covering a wide rage of topics such as breast health, self care, lymphatic health, thermography and the power of affirmations. 

You can find more information on her two websites; www.redwoodthermography.com and