Nipple Stimulation Is Essential Breast Care

“Nipplegasms” are so hot right now! Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and even NPR are reporting on the titillating nipplegasm.

Curious to see what all the excitement was about, we dove into the divine art of nipplegasms and found a wellspring of juicy new nipple information. 

We discovered that not only passionate breast sex, but even the act of simple self care stimulation of the nipples could potentially protect our breasts from cancer! 

Being all about breast health here at Bōsm Wellness, we are interested in any and all healthy lifestyle practices that we can explore. If something as awesome as nipple stimulation could reduce our risk factors, we say “might as well!”

A Nipplegasm is - just what it sounds like - an orgasm achieved through breast and nipple stimulation. Which is not only entirely possible, but multiple accounts agree, an exceptionally powerful experience. Science has delightfully discovered how and the why of nipplegasms.

The nipples are connected to the clitoris via the genital sensory cortex.

Boasting over 800 nerve endings within a two inch radius, nipples are an erogenous zone sublimely receptive to pleasure sensations, and new research is uncovering the healing power of pleasure from this beloved body part.

Nipple stimulation lights up the same area of the brain as clitoral & cervical stimulation - the Genital-Sensory Cortex - which is the mechanism of human sexual pleasure and physical orgasm. The nipple and the clitoris travel the same neurological pathway to destination O. My interpretation of this is to envision of an electrical wire running from my clitoris right up to my nipples and straight on to my brain. 

 “In response to self-stimulation, the clitoris, vagina, cervix, and nipple activate differentiable regions of the paracentral lobule – that is, the genital region of the primary sensory cortex or ‘genital sensory cortex.” (1)

Whether they have experienced an allusive nipplegasm or not, women do seem to corroborate this fact, noting that any attention to our breasts during sex is both welcome and wonderful. It is widely agreed that nipple stimulation frequently proceeds their orgasms.

 “The nipple-areola complex (NAC) is an often overlooked but important erogenous zone in the female sexual response and sexual functional repertoire. Research suggests that nipple stimulation is significant to female sexual satisfaction (aka: orgasm) in as many as 80% of women.” (2)

An orgasm is a beneficial bliss bomb that is the result in heightened pleasure stimulation and oxytocin released. As we will learn, the more oxytocin = the more body benefits.

But how do oxytocin and orgasms benefit our bodies? Science is taking a stroll on the seductive side of human biology to explain for us how breast sex might offer immune protection. 

A female researcher named Valerie Robinson is developing her theory that nipple stimulation is essential to a women’s wellbeing.  She hypothesizes that the same protections at play in lowering a woman’s breast cancer risk factors from breastfeeding, could also be achieved through sexual nipple stimulation.

“This protective effect of breast feeding supports the notion that another functional use of the breast, sexual breast stimulation, promoted by women to incite their sexual arousal and orgasm, is a practice which also reduces the risk of these same cancers, and protects against sexual dysfunction and mental depression.” (3)

Breasts receive health benefits from being stimulated sexually and in fact, neglecting “adequate nipple care” could actually be detrimental. 

“For species females as a whole, nipple stimulation by a partner during sex, over the adult life of a female, has occurred since the inception of H. sapiens, so that the failure to engage in this activity is counter to a species typical practice and endangers women's health.” (3)

Robinson notes that the very act of engaging with the breasts for sexual pleasure is highly evolved and unique behavior for humans.

“The significance of breast sex… lies with its deeply rooted past in the founding of our species, Homo sapiens. No other species exhibits breast sex.” (3)

Human beings are the only species to incorporate our breasts into our sexual repertoire! No other mammals have enlarged mammaries outside of their fertile period. Human females have evolved, on the other hand, to have seemingly fertile breasts all the time. According to the laws of natural selection, in order for incredibly distinct traits such as having enlarged mammaries and incorporating them into our sex behavior to evolve into a universal trait, it has to have been advantageous to the survival of the species. Highly evolved traits like these do not develop unless they enhance our survival rates.

“Female breasts serve both nutritive and sexual functions, unlike other primates they develop at puberty before lactation is necessary. Their sexual attraction is through size, shape and their areolae but also, when unrestrained, their jiggling movements.” (2) 

Nipple stimulation triggers the release of oxytocin which is a health hero in our bodies.

If you’re wondering how all this areola attention ensures survival, Robinson looks to the positive health effects of oxytocin as a plausible influence on breast cancer prevention.

“Breast sex results in nipple erection, and may micmic the effects of breast feeding, causing an increase of oxytocin in the body.” (3)

Another article points out how the potential of oxytocin may be the secret of health and wellness. 

"This hypothesis proposes that carcinogens in the breast are generated by the action of superoxide free radicals released… Inadequate nipple care in the at-risk years leads to ductal obstruction preventing the elimination of carcinogens from the breast. The regular production of oxytocin from nipple stimulation would cause contractions aiding the active elimination of carcinogenic fluid from the breast. Oxytocin production with nipple care and in sex and lactation may all be important preventative factors in the development of breast cancer." (4)

Oxytocin has been well researched and is known offers an abundance of health benefits.  It is a magical molecule that plays a staring role in many of our unique human behaviors ranging from love, labor, breastfeeding, bonding, sex, and our ability to orgasm. It also reduces pain, improves wound healing (5) and reverses the negative effects of both stress and inflammation (6) which are causes of dis-ease in the body (7). 

 And that’s not all!

Perhaps the least appreciated thing about oxytocin, is that it stimulates a special and little known essential lymphatic channel in the nipple called the Sappy Plexus, which is a tiny network of lymphatics in the areola. All of the lymphatics in the breast converge to form the Sappey Plexus. Several key features of the lymphatic system are located in the breast region which extends to include the chest and armpits. All of these constellations and vessels converge in the Sappey Plexus, a tiny but mighty landmark for eliminating toxins for healthy immune function!

“The regular production of oxytocin (OT) from nipple stimulation would cause the active elimination of carcinogenic fluid from the breast.” (8) 

Since oxytocin is such a valuable elixir of wellbeing in the body, Mother Nature has provided us with numerous ways to stimulate the release of this beautiful molecule. And breast stimulation is, in our opinion, one of the ‘breast.’

Nipple stimulation techniques are similar to the movements used in Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to promote lymphatic flow.

Nipple stimulation ‘comes’ in many forms; suckling, stroking, and squeezing, to name just a few.

Manual lymphatic draining is a technique used to help promote healthy lymph function. The technique is done using very gentle light stroking over the surface of the skin. It’s the kind of stroke that often produces the “chills” effect. This technique is very similar to the touch used during breast sex to approach the breasts with tender loving strokes. The simple act of softly touching the breasts stimulates the flow of healthy lymph fluid into the breast and polluted lymph fluid out. 

With a potential bosom full of blessings for our breasts, we are embracing nipple stimulation into our self care practice as often as possible. If your interested in bestowing your boobies with pleasure filled self care, here are some tips on getting started:

How to have a nipplegasm:

Self Pleasure! 

Reach for your crystal wand or our vibrators for a healthy relaxation ritual before bed. Self breast massage is a rewarding addition to your bedtime ritual repertoire, adding a self care practice that helps to detoxify your breasts as well as deliver you with a boost of oxytocin for preventative pleasure. You can anoint your nipples with your fingertips, your vibrator and also nipple cups which simulate sucking. If you are using your Bōsm Breast Serum during your breast massage it will enhance the nipple cupping experience. Cupping is used to increase blood flow. Cupping is very popular for scar tissue.

Partner Pleasure! 

Due to the massive release of oxytocin, a breast massage with nipple stimulation will increase the bond and affectionate feelings of devotion and gratitude for our giving partner. This likely will play out in a very satisfying love making experience. 

If you are just getting to know someone, the act of giving or receiving a breast massage will take your engagement to a whole other level of beautiful. It is a wonderful way to give someone the blessing of stress reduction, lymphatic stimulation, high energy orgasm, and maximum oxytocin release. 

Also, as time goes on in a relationship, passion can wane and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           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Exploring activities that focus on oxytocin release, such as eye gazing, holding hands, kissing, passionate cuddling and breast sex can help restore and rejuvenate meaningful and deeply fulfilling connections. Breast massage and nipple worship is a pathway to increased intimacy with a lover. Try Bōsm Breast Serums to boost the boobie massage pleasure!

Tenderly touching the ta-tas is a self care practice and a deeply pleasurable partner engagement. Either way, the benefits are busty! And if you don’t have a partner to play with, that is no reason to neglect your nips. Your own healing hands are all you need to find a moment of sweet release. 



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