Breast Massage

Breast massage is a delightful ritual and self care practice that feels sublime and is deeply healing. It supports and enhances the body's natural ability to remove toxins and restore the lymphatic system. But the ‘breast’ thing about it is that it releases oxytocin which improves your mood, reduces stress, and it keeps you connected to this vital part of your body.

Women today need breast massage more then ever, to balance the negative effects of our lifestyle choices and modern exposures to pollution. 

Almost all of us wear our bra for several hours each day. If you can see indentations and or red marks in your skin when you remove your bra, then you have evidence of impaired circulation. Our lymphatic system which lies just under the surface of the skin of the breast and underarm, was not designed to endure the harsh conditions imposed by bras. For one thing, the flow of lymphatic fluid, which is transporting our molecular toxic debris away from the delicate breast tissue, becomes restricted under the constant pressure exerted by the bra. If you think about how many hours you wore a bra last week, you realize that you are essentially shutting off the flow of toxins for somewhere between 40 -60 hours a week. The good news is that breast massage can reignite the flow state in your breasts by stimulating blood and lymph circulation. This brings fresh oxygenated blood cells and white blood cells into the breast tissue to nourish our cells in health and wellbeing, and propels our toxic debris along the proper draining channels. 

Many women also have significant stress which we may even consider to be “chronic stress.” Breast massage provides us with a free and easy method to effectively reduces our stress levels, improve our mood and restore our homeostasis. It does this by releasing massive amounts of the anti-stress hormone, oxytocin, into your blood stream. Oxytocin reverses the damage done by cortisol and adrenaline which trigger our “fight or flight” mode. Oxytocin is a hormone that regulates libido, feelings of pleasure, several body functions and may play a significant role in reducing breast cancer. Oxytocin tells the body that it is safe enough to restore state of “rest and digest,” which allows the immune system to function optimally. The more you have of it, the better! And breast massage is a direct way to access this healing gift.  The nipples are connected to the endocrine system, and manual nipple stimulation is essential to regulating the hormones in your adrenals, ovaries. Nipple stimulation is a very important element to breast health and incidentally releases the largest amounts of oxytocin. 

Most of us can relate to the feeling of having disconnected with our breasts at some point in our life. We may have experienced pain, trauma, shame, past stress, disease, or injury, which caused us to disconnect from feeling alive in our breasts. However, the breasts are resilient and responsive to TLC. In my work as a thermography technician, I regularly see inflamed breast tissue return to homeostasis after several months of breast massage practice and loving self care. Breast massage is  a wonderful way to restore and maintain a positive connection with your breasts. Having a healthy and strong connection to our breasts is crucial for two reasons. This connection will enhance your ability to detect any physiological changes in the breast tissue that may indicate the presence of any unwanted conditions. But also, because the ability to feel pleasure and sexual aliveness in our breast is vital to breast health. Self care, such as breast massage helps keep up a strong pleasure feedback loop from our heart to our breast.

Brest massage can be done several times a day for optimum results. There are several techniques that you can find on how to do a breast massage. One of the simplest breast massages to remember is the Traditional Taoist Breast Massage. You can do it every day, and one best times is in the shower.

Traditional Taoist Breast Massage: 

•Remove bra

•Rub the palms together to create warmth between them and visualize healing light coming from them.

•Rub the breasts in circles going all around the breast from the chest wall to the nipple in a clockwise direction. 

•Reverse rub the breasts in the same way in a counter clockwise direction.

You can boost the positive impact of your daily breast massage, with Bōsm Breast Serums! Our serums empower your breast massage to stimulate the lymphatic system with castor oil, which is traditionally used to support and detox the lymph system, to deeply detoxify your breasts as well as uplift you mood, and nourish the breast tissue.

Please check out our breast massage tutorial video here.

At Bōsm Wellness we believe that breast massage can make the world a healthier, happier place one woman at a time.

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