How Breast Massage Enhances Breast Health

With the burden on our bodies constantly increasing from our modern environment - our healthy body functions can become disrupted. The scientific term for this is “Overall Body Burden” which is the lifetime accumulation of heavy metals, toxic molds and parasites, synthetic hormones, free radicals in the body. Breast tissue, being filled with fat cells & lymph nodes, is especially vulnerable to overall body burden imbalances.

The 9 meridians of the body, the lymph system and circulatory system all intersect in the breasts and all require healthy flow to maintain homeostasis in your body. Breast massage supports and enhances the body's natural ability to remove toxins and stimulate fresh blood and lymph fluids to and from the breasts.

The breasts contain a complex mecca of lymph tissue and nodes, fat cells and milk ducts. The lymph system and organs located in the breasts collect and remove viruses, foreign substances and abnormal cells from the body. 

You may have heard that a woman’s chances of getting breast cancer are considered “reduced” if she has breastfed a child. This is because breast feeding allows the mother to dump the largest amount of toxins in her lifetime into her breast milk. Breast milk tests are turning up with all sorts of chemicals from flame retardants to glyphosate.  

This is because the breast’s fat cells are the bodies storage containers harmful chemicals and toxins like free radicals and metabolites. Metabolites are cellular waste products that must be removed. In her book Breasts, Florence Williams states; “Our breasts soak up pollution like a pair of soft sponges. Some of these substance can persist for decades in the tissues.” If neglected, the build up of toxins can cause an unstable environment and increase the risk of stagnant and harmful conditions. 

The lymph system requires optimal circulation, tissue mobilization and manual stimulation to function properly. It does not have an automatic pump like our heart does for our circulatory system. Lymphatic massage, or “manual stimulation,” of the breasts is the best ways to move toxins along the proper channels of lymph and keep the milk ducts clear. The lymph fluid should flow from the various concentrations around the breasts in optimal channels toward the armpit and abdomen. Tight fitting clothing and or bras also contribute to the unwanted conditions by constricting blood flow, and delicate lymph nodes with underwires. 

Massage also stimulates blood circulation which brings fresh oxygenated blood cells into the breast tissue. 

The common massage therapist saying; “The issues are in the tissues” refers to the understanding that the fascia and connective tissue that binds everything in our body together is altered by stress and traumatic experiences. It also infers that our trauma can be stored in the tissues. This trauma is not only the build up of toxins that we accumulated during our life, but also stagnant and congested energy. 

One of the ‘breast’ things about it is that it releases oxytocin, a hormone that stimulates libido and feelings of pleasure and may play a significant role in reducing breast cancer. Oxytocin actually reverses the damages made by stress to the immune and cardiovascular system and restores the body to a state of “rest and digest,” which allows the immune system to function. 

And last but not least, it is also a wonderful way to be intimate with your breasts and possibly detect any physiological changes such as pain that may indicate the presence of cancer or other unwanted conditions.

At Bōsm Wellness we believe that breast massage can make the world a healthier, happier place one woman at a time.