Sunday morning, my daughter and her husband arrived and we started catching up on things when she asked; how was I doing? I’d been waiting for this question and knew when it came that the moment had arrived. I broke the news. Obviously, she did not expect to hear me say I had breast cancer. She was stunned… I was stunned … At this point, as we sat in the strong morning sunlight talking about how to handle it. I had a few days to let the news sink in and I was ready to sign myself to the fact that it may eventually kill me. If cancer didn’t, I feared that the chemo would. I knew several friends that did pass away during chemo “treatment.” It felt very hopeless for one-half of one day. Then, all of a sudden, in one instant, hope returned, as my son-in-law showed us the research he had found on the internet regarding the use of concentrated cannabis in the treatment of cancer. OKAY! Let’s check this out! I was into any natural alternative to the toxic treatment of chemo! We spent the rest of the day researching everything we could find on cannabis oil. There were testimonials all over the internet! I remember thinking, “Wow, how come I’ve never heard of this before?” So, we immediately started looking for doctors in the area. Luckily, there were several doctors that were cannabis advocated. We sought out who we thought was the most qualified to handle cancer, and scheduled an appointment. Low in behold, he reiterated everything we had just read on the internet! Dr. Courtney took the time to deepen my understanding of how the cannabis medicine was going to help my body restore balance and wellness. He educated me about the endocannabinoid system and how imbalances are causing all kinds of errors in the expression of wellness in our bodies. I was especially interested in his suggestion that the cannabis plant had played a major role in human evolution. With my script in hand, we went on a journey with a powerful new medicine.

Starting out with a tiny dose and eventually working my way up to full, recommended dose. It was difficult to measure because the substance is goopy and sticky but I would remind myself that this herbal substance could in no way harm my body. If I took too much or too little, my body would receive the amount safely.  I kept a consistent dosing schedule going and after about a month I was totally acclimated and no longer experiencing the euphoric side effects. 

I followed up with the western medical doctors as I was treating myself with the cannabis. They, of course, recommended the surgery, chemo and radiation, followed up with a lifetime of complications. I had been diagnosed back in 2006 with DCIS, and back then, it was routine to do a lumpectomy, which I went through with. They no longer recommend this treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, about 60,000 cases of DCIS are diagnosed in the US each year, accounting for about 1 of every 5 new breast cancer cases. DCIS is non-invasive and very slow growing. Normally a healthy woman would be able to flush the DCIS cells from her breasts naturally. However, what they are now finding is that when they slice through the cancer cell, as during a lumpectomy, that the sliced cancer cell is now much more likely to duplicate and form a tumor. Which is what I believe happened to me. I now had a tumor directly on my lumpectomy scar. 

I began my wellness journey and along the way adopted many healthy habits into my daily routine. I was fortunate to have a team of healers working with me and supporting me in many ways. Instead of the toxic trifecta, opted for my wonderfully healing trifecta. I had a functional medicine doctor, a Chinese herbalist, and a healing touch therapist. My “treatment” days were pure bliss. Unlike western medicine, the natural healers I worked with looked deep within to find the causes of the symptoms that my body was experiencing. This includes spiritual and emotional work, as well as cleaning up my diet. I was already gluten free, but I did have to take a long and hard look at nutrition. I needed to assist my body with the healing process and that meant drastic changes in lifestyle and diet. One very important fact is that sugar feeds cancer cells, however, ketones can replace the glucose in the diet and cancer will not subsist on Ketones. This means that I essentially eliminated all forms of sugar including natural “fructose” and especially alcohol. I replaced the sugar with more cruciferous vegetable and lots more healthy fat like coconut oil & olive oil.


The following was my total treatment protocol for healing from Stage 4 breast cancer.


•Chinese Medicinal Tea - Specially formulated just for me!

•Supplements - based on blood lab work - Glutathione, Vitamin D, Fist Oil, Proteolytic Enzymes, Methyl-Protect

•Progesterone Cream - My cancer is estrogen dominant, meaning that it developed out of a chronic state of too much estrogen stuck in the breast tissue.  The excess estrogen needs progesterone to bond with, otherwise it becomes free radicals and may turn into cancer.

•Epsom Salt / Apple Cider Vinegar / Baking Soda baths

•Meditation - Essential! I got into it using Louise Hay, and now have a wonderful healthy habit to rely on in times of need.

•Thermography - To monitor my success, I went in every 4 weeks for a new picture. The pictures show my bodies heat patterns and we can see my cancer clearly disappearing before our eyes.

•Blood Work - My doctor is able to monitor my progress with regular comprehensive blood work. 

And the work all paid off! In July of 2015, I went in for a thermography and low and behold, no new blood vessel growth! Shortly thereafter I was given the diagnosis of “in remission” on the happiest day of my life.

I am proud to say that I kicked cancer’s butt! There were NO BAD DAYS!!! I never felt nausea or wasted. Not one day of hair loss or vomiting or needles!!! Not one day of DEPRESSION, not one day of DOUBT!!! The worst side effect I had was a super duper case of the giggles, that would not go away. How about that! The old folks were right; “Laughter is best form of medicine!”