We bring our families to our breasts to hug them and hold them and to bring them comfort. 

We bring our babies to our beasts to provide them with the life-giving nutrient dense milk. 

We bring our toxins to our breasts where they are collected filtered and released thus maintain detoxification. 

Yet we deny, dismiss, and ignore our breasts daily. We simply bind them in bras that can hurt us in the effort of helping us.  We shame the women who love their breasts and let that love show.  

Breasts are a natural part of the body and with all the good they do, they deserve some love! We have been taught how to care for our "pu-na-ni's",our skin, our gut and our hygiene. But have you ever been taught how to take care of your breasts? Have you ever even considered your breasts and their function?

Breasts are beautiful, natural, and part of the world you live in.