Bōsm is a cannabis wellness product line that promotes radiant well-being and empowers women to worship the goddess within themselves. We use advanced science that allows the body to deeply absorb curative herbs and essential oils that have been known for centuries to aid the body's natural healing processes. Our breast health serums contain only the cleanest ingredients, and our cannabis grows beneath moon, rain and sunshine under the strictest purity standards. Bosm celebrates femininity. But our goals reach well beyond health and beauty; we want to help women to truly care for themselves.

Bōsm founder Raea Campbell took what -- for many women -- is devastating news and transformed it into a positive opportunity to share light and well-being with the world. Her mother's diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer inspired Raea to dive deeply into ancient healing wisdom and new scientific research in search of the best possible tools to battle and prevent disease. What she emerged with was a meaningful alternative to Western methods and a deeply held passion for whole plant options for self-care. Raea dreams of the day when everyone everywhere can access this critical and beautifully beneficial herbal medicine.

Bōsm was created after a year of research and discovery about breast health that was prompted when her mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.  

The promise and potential for health and healing found in Cannabis gives me much courage in the face of many wellness challenges. It is my mission to share this preventive awareness, so that women can alleviate their fear and feel empowered using Bōsm, as we remember to take care and love our breasts.
— Raea Campbell